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Hardware Keylogger: A Perfect Spy Solution

by dorabiel

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Although technology has been lauded for making immense contributions in various industries, it also presents its own share of problems. For instance, parents are constantly worried about what their children consume on the internet but they can never be constantly there to monitor them. In the same breathe, many companies have run into loses due owing to the fact that their employees are abusing resources but the company does not have the mechanism to capture this abuse in order to bring it to an end. The other scenario would be where a spy agency is conducting a highly sensitive investigation and they need to access the personal data of the person under investigation without their knowledge.

The good news is that all these cases can be adequately handled with the use of hardware Keylogger. For starters, a Keylogger refers to a software or hardware solution that is handy in not only capturing but also storing all the input from keyboards. This means that parents, companies as well as spy agencies can take advantage of technology in order to find a solution to their problems. If you have used a Keylogger before you will agree that using hardware Keylogger is preferred over the use of software Keylogger. This is because there are a number of benefits that are attached to the former.

To begin with, the hardware Keylogger is easy to install hence you do not need any special permission to access the computer system that will raise suspicion because all you need to do is plug the device into the USB port or the PS/2 computer port depending on the type of Keylogger that you have. Neither will you need to enter any passwords nor restart the computer system in order to complete the installation of the hardware. Secondly, the hardware Keylogger is compact and highly discreet therefore you do not have to worry about the user of the computer where you have installed it noticing. Moreover, it is also undetectable by the computer security scanner as well as software scanners. 

The third benefit of using the hardware Keylogger is that unlike the software Keylogger, you do not necessarily have to do the playback on the same computer where the recording was done. This means that you are guaranteed of high levels of security of data especially in instances where you are conducting sensitive investigations because you do not have to log into the computer system. In fact, you may also find hardware keyloggers that have the provision of emailing you the logs thereby making the entire process more convenient.

The other benefit of using the hardware Keylogger is that it is not limited to a particular operating system as is the case with most of the software Keylogger. Thus, this hardware will work on a Mac, Linux or even Windows run system with ease. The last benefit of the hardware keylogger is that it is usually cheaper to buy compared to the software Keylogger. Moreover, you can also use it on multiple computer systems unlike the software that can only be installed on one machine due to the licensing requirements.

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