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by mattprior1201

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Escorting is a great profession, if you are safe, and work for a reputable agency. You can of course go it alone, and work as an independent escort, however if you are thinking about entering the profession then there are a few steps you can take that will make it not only easy, but also safe, fun and incredibly rewarding. To begin with, there are many reasons why a girl will decide to become an escort. Many use it as a way to earn money whilst putting themselves through university. You can work the hours you want, meaning that you can always work around your very own schedule. If you have an hour between classes that is an hour where you can meet a lovely eligible man in London for a lunch date. Essentially you are your own boss but under the guidance of a larger agency, so you get the flexibility of being able to work when and where you like, but you also get the advice that escort girl recruit can provide for you. All agencies in London are happy to have new girls on their books, and you can join whenever you like, all it takes is for you to get in touch with them, and once you have made contact you will find that there is more to escorting that you think!


An escort in London needs to be more than a pretty face and a hot body. An escort girl recruit in the city needs to understand that part of being an escort is to also act as a counsellor. Men will discuss their problems with you, why they are stressed at work, why they have trouble meeting women or why they think their marriage is doomed. It is your job to make them feel better about themselves. Escorts need to fulfil all the needs of the men they are dating, so whether this means meeting them for coffee to chat about work, or dressing up in leather and whipping him it is up to you to provide this for him. Aside from being a great listener you will also be able to chat about anything and everything. Many women spend a lot of time learning about the stock markets, reading the news and becoming informed on the type of interests that men have, this way you have something to chat about whilst you perform an erotic massage on him.


An escort girl recruit quickly progresses into working as a companion in London. There are many men in the city all looking for something extra in their lives and you will find that you are the answer for many of them. So, why not arrange to meet up with an agency? You never know you might find yourself in the most rewarding and fun profession in the city.


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