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How to Replace a Jeep Suspension Shocks

by Charityk

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Jeep Shocks are needed to absorb the energy from bumps and rough driving conditions by keeping the drive as smooth as possible. Jeep Shocks should be replaced at a maximum of 50,000 to 75,000 miles. Replacement of shocks depends on the specific model of your Jeep.

Note that if your Jeep has faulty shocks, it can lead to premature tire wear and tear and also cause poor handling of the Jeep. Getting the Jeep shocks replaced can optimize the performance of your Jeep Suspension.

Apply the Jeep’s parking brake and raise the Jeep’s front end on jack stands and remove the wheel on the end that you are replacing the shocks on.

Check for any components of the engine that are blocking your access to the Jeep Shock assemblies’ and remove them. This includes the battery with its tray and also air filter housing on the right sides.

Unhook the hood hinges and lift the hood, here you will locate the top shock nuts on both sides. Remove the nuts for the shock absorber assembly with the ratchet or flare nut wrench and a socket. Disconnect the lower bolt on the clevis bracket connecting the shock to the lower control arm. Unbolt the link to the stabilizer bar from the axle bracket.

Disconnect any other components connected to the shock absorber assembly including, the lower balljoint which should be disconnected from the control arm by loosening its nuts and separating it. Remove the upper bolt on the clevis bracket from the lower control arm. The next step is to remove the shock absorber from the wheel well.

Mount the new shock absorber into the wheel well. This is a heavy object due to its weight and therefore you may need an assistant to help you. Next, reconnect all the components in reverse order which will include the clevis bracket and any other disconnected engine apparatus. Tighten all bolts to the torque which is specified for your model Jeep.

Raise the Jeeps’ rear end on jack stands without removing the wheels because it isn’t necessary to remove them. Using the Jeep’s floor jack, place it under the differential and raise it enough so that it lifts the force off the shocks.

Remove the lower and upper shock absorbers’ mounting bolts and remove he shocks. Disconnect the lower bolt which is attached directly behind the wheel’s lower half. Next, remove the upper bolt found above the wheel, it’s usually pointing away from the vehicle.

Install the new shock absorbers in place and tighten the mounting bolts. Lower and remove the differential off the floor jack and then lower the Jeep’s rear end from the jack stands in order to lower the Jeep.


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