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Get Solutions To Several Inquiries About Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions are generally semi-permanent in nature and they are attached to the already existing original eyelashes with the help of glue. This aesthetic technique is known to have originated in Korea and trained beauticians do this task for their customers to achieve an attractive luscious look. Some of the questions people generally have about this technique are addressed below:

Who can wear them? It is not essential that only celebrity women should get this service, even normal women can get this done. Even housewives are getting it done just for attending some family functions. Nowadays, many working women are getting eyelash extensions to get an attractive look before they are attending any corporate event.

How is the procedure done? This technique is done carefully by selecting each and every natural lash and the artificial ones are glued to them at a distance of about 1mm from eye to avoid skin contact.

How long will the procedure take for completion? Different methods of eyelash extensions in Orange County are available. Each of them will take different time for completion. However, the approximate time will be forty-five minutes per eye. Since a lot of patience is needed for carrying out the task, it might take more than the time specified earlier for some beauticians. Since the process of generally painless, the woman, who is getting it done can sleep when it is being done. This is because generally eye should remain closed when it is being done.

Can I Do it myself? Even though, you cannot be restricted by anyone to do the procedure by yourself, it is better to get this done from a professional hand to protect yourself.

Do the natural lashes break during the process? When it is done from a professional firm offering eyelash extensions in Orange County, you need not worry about any problem to your natural lashes. This is because when the natural ones are pulled carelessly, they will definitely break.
Can I use mascara after the procedure? There is no need for applying mascara since it look like the artificial lashes is already applied with mascara.

Is the glue used for this procedure safe? Yes, when it is done by an experienced profession, you need not have to worry about the safety of either the glue or the eyelash itself. They take great care in such a way that their customers get utmost satisfaction from the procedure.

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