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Winter housekeeping services after the holidays

by njmaidj1

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One may be familiar with the idea of spring cleaning, but perhaps winter cleaning after the holidays may be just as, or even more, essential. This time of the year is optimal for doing a thorough clean of your living space for many reasons. For instance, when spring arrives, it is may be tempting to forgo one's responsibilities in favor of leisurely activities outdoors. Additionally, some individuals may make New Year's resolutions regarding "de-cluttering" and simplifying one's life. Make the transition into the New Year smoother by de-cluttering and cleaning your home.

Housekeeping services after the holidays is especially ideal because one's decorations, ranging from lights to serving platters, are already out of storage. While it may be tempting to hurriedly put away the decorations scattered around the house once guests leave, you should perhaps instead consider taking the time to remove all items from storage before shoving the holiday decor back. The items absent from storage makes it easier to dust and re-arrange items to make life easier. If you find any unmarked boxes, you should open and label the boxes accordingly. If the items haven't been used or even thought about in a great deal of time, the items should be donated to charity, if in good condition, or tossed out. This time of year is the best to clean out storage spaces, since end of year sales often result in storage containers and organize being sold for cheap. However, items already at home provide means for keeping items in good condition; for instance, a good tip for storing one's lights is to wrap them around a piece of cardboard, or other similar straight and sturdy item, to avoid a tangled mess next winter.

If you hosted holiday events at your house this winter, other detailed cleaning should take place. Small debris--such as from wrapping paper, Styrofoam packing, twist-ties, and small plastic bags--may linger without notice; when stuck to carpets or under carpets, or when ingested by young children or pets, they can cause possible damages. Therefore, one should carefully inspect high areas of guest traffic, or present opening, to ensure these small remnants have been discovered and discarded. After a close up, visual inspection of these rooms, which should likely include one using a flashlight to look under hard to see areas such as couches or entertainment centers, a regular cleaning routine of them should suffice.

When tackling the kitchen, a similar practice of de-cluttering should be applied to the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Entering the New Year with expired foods or old leftovers taking up space is not ideal. Often during the holidays a host purchases specific foods for visiting guests, who may not have even touched them, and that host has no interest in eating those items. By cleaning out these often neglected spaces in the kitchen before the new year begins, one may even find it is easier to begin his New Year’s Resolution to start a more nutritionally balanced diet. And the best to take care of this is NJ maids team.For more visit

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