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Paperless Direct Debits- Easy to Sign up, Easier to Maintain

by elynieva

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The popularity of Direct Debit is increasing exponentially and the importance of automation cannot be left ignored. Paperless Direct Debits can be easily signed up to using various methods, such as making a phone call for telephone signup, using the internet and sign up or using face to face communication. The methods are simple and do not involve a lot of time to sign up. The basic details should be provided while signing up, and if the service provider is satisfied with the details provided then you will be granted access for paperless automation. Even banks provide the facility of Direct Debit which is paperless but because they have a lot of restrictions when it comes to short listing the companies, it is advised to rely on private companies like SmartDebit registered under BACS.


Paperless Direct Debits provides you with various advantages. The most important reason why organisations prefer complete automation of Direct Debit is the quick turnaround time needed for collection of payment. Now you will not have to wait to receive payment even after transfers because with Direct Debit it gets transferred immediately and you will receive a notification regarding an increase in your bank balance. All the transactions relating to Direct Debit are carried on via current account that you own in the sponsor bank. With complete automation, you will have 24/7 access to your financial transactions. This will give you the freedom to make or receive payments even when your business hours end.


With reduction in paperwork, the management gets easier. Paperless Direct Debits lets your company be environment friendly and reduction in time as well as costs that you incurred earlier for maintenance. Clients like using automated online Direct Debit services because of the convenience that they get with 24/7 access. It is not just simple to get your company signed up but it is also very easy to maintain it. Because customers are at convenience, they will be encouraged to remain in a relationship with you for longer.


Paperless Direct Debits will be activated when the sponsoring bank will give you the approval. You need to activate Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service (AUDDIS) to be eligible for using the paperless services. If you do not have one, then it is better to apply for it as soon as possible to continue with further proceedings. With automation, you will have the facility to sign up your customers directly online. The first step is the most crucial one while applying for sponsoring with your bank because if that is done, then all the processes would be carried on smoothly.

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