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It seems that every company, no matter how big or small, has a profile on some online social network website. They are always asking you to follow them on facebook or twitter. You might think that this is a trend, a way for companies to be a part of the latest memes, but in reality, these companies are using the social networks to gain exposure. You may think that the larger companies and their brand names are already well-known, that they don’t need more exposure than they already have, but that’s not entirely accurate. You see, companies want to ensure that their brand names are the first to appear in a search performed in search engines like Google or Yahoo. In order to do so, they have to continuously generate traffic. Thus, they create profiles on social networks, with a brand name or slogan as the username. This has the potential to generate several links pertaining to that brand name during a search. It can also help to maintain a positive reputation for the company. is a website that searches social networks specifically. For instance, you have a brand name that you want to gain more exposure. What social networks can you think of? There is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. How many more can you think of? searches hundreds of social networks at once. This makes reputation management online much easier to perform. Type your brand name into the search field and press enter. Within seconds, will check username availability on websites that you may have never even heard of. It will tell you on which sites your username is available and on which it is already in use. The best part is that can create the profiles for you. Up to 550 profiles will be created within a week’s time. This will ensure brand name protection because it offers more opportunities to dominate the first couple pages of an internet search, which is all that most people look at anyway.

It can also protect your brand name by ensuring that no one else takes it. Another company might create a username with your brand name in order to exploit the reputation that you took so long to build up for their own needs. By creating profiles on all the social networks possible, you can keep this from happening.

In order to create a claim brand profile on twitter or facebook, simply give us basic information like your physical address, email address and phone number. You will also need a logo that your brand name identifies with. offers three packages for you to choose from, 25, 150 and 550+ profiles. You get to choose which social networks to create these profiles on either individually or in specific categories. Most of the time, the profiles will only take a couple days to create. However, for 550, it could take up to a week. Once they are created, will send you logon information so that you can begin filling in the substance and begin your reputation management.

Remember, new social networks are created every day. Because of this, we can check your claim brand username on the new sites that appear as well. With our help, you can develop and maintain your brand name’s presence on the internet.


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