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Is Healthcare Boom for Consumer Benefits?

by SenHens

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Healthcare sector’s growth rate has increased incredibly in recent years. The hospitals are aspiring to adopt new technology and provide star facilities to consumers. Most of the new technologies provided by the hospitals are Robotic Surgery, Pneumatic Chutes, Flat Panel Digital Cath Lab and IMRI & BrainSUITE.  Robotic Surgery is an instrument with many minute hand-like tools used for cardiac surgery. The Pneumatic Chutes are used to connect all the departments while transporting lab samples at high speed. The Cath Labs are used to monitor the working of the heart and the blood vessels while IMRI is used to help the surgeons to determine the success of the brain surgery.

With so many problems in the health industry like increased procedure costs and negligence of patients’ heath, increased technology and infrastructure only increases growth of the respective industry. Consumer issues need to be addressed first rather than introducing Boutique Hospitals for high class people. Some of the facilities are useful such as Bar-coded OPD card which is used to track patients’ details. It produces a unique number for every patient when they register.
But the hospitals would rather stress on the fact that these new technologies adopted are for the consumer’s benefits. The point to be addressed is that here are many consumers who aren’t able to afford such expensive treatments. Rather the cost of some of the procedures or surgeries should be reduced which would surely benefit the consumers. We would have read in newspapers about people asking for money as they are unable to afford the medical costs. These are usually the consumer complaints about the health care industry.

There are few hospitals that are helping the small towns and villages.  For example, Faridabad is a small town in Uttar Pradesh which is in need of the best health care facility. Hospitals like AIMS are aiming to provide best health care facilities to small towns like Faridabad. They should also understand the consumer needs and make sure they are able to afford the treatments provided by the hospitals. Simultaneously, consumers should also check the hospital reviews usually available on the internet to choose which hospital would suit the best in treatment as well as in cost.

The health care industry also aims in providing the facilities to people who come from abroad. Cosmetic surgery has become famous in India targeting Indians as well as foreigners. But doctors have advised that if they have a hospital with more than 20,000 beds, they would be able to reduce the cost of the treatments. Consumers should be aware of the treatments costs before getting admitted to that hospital. Some of the best hospitals provide good facilities with high bills. As the health care industry realizes how important they are they would first benefit themselves and then think about the consumers.

Increasing the infrastructure will increase the jobs opportunities, quality of treatments, etc. But the hospitals should adopt some procedures in helping people who are unable to afford expensive treatments. Due to increase in healthcare industry, the health insurance has also increased subsequently. Health insurance has become a safety net for consumers nowadays. The private hospitals are the hospitals which are keen on increasing their infrastructure and facilities. Hence, the poor flock will only go to the public sector when compared to the private sector. 

Many private hospitals have adopted technologies more than it is needed. This would in turn increase the cost of the bills for the patients. Hence, they should make sure that they adopt only limited technologies. The cost of adopting these major technologies is around 3 crores which involves 15 major projects. The healthcare industry should to think for a moment if these facilities are really needed and how they can make it cost effective.

Also, they should try and develop many hospitals for the small towns around India. Doctors who come from the small towns rarely go back to their roots to help the people in their towns. This is very much needed as people from the small towns come to the city to get treated. This can change if the hospitals can expand themselves in smaller towns as well.
Even though the private sectors concentrate on increasing the quality of the hospitals infrastructure, they also aim to have a paperless office with all the data stored in the servers. There are many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the growth of the healthcare sector. But consumers should be aware of which hospitals provide the best treatments with affordable costs. 

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