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7 Cool WordPress Security Tactics

by anonymous

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Many wordpress developers have this misconception that they will not get attacked by a hacker easily. But the truth is completely different and most of the wordpress developers are not aware of it.<br>

Whenever you make a search on Google, you will find some sites that are labeled as harmful for your computer. These are the websites that has been attacked by a hacker and thus have been blacklisted by Google. This will automatically have a negative effect on your website. Even if you recover, your reputation in the market will surely go down.<br>

In this article we will discuss about simple security tips for your <a href="">WordPress development.</a> These tips are applicable on all the versions of WordPress.<br><br>


<b>1. Strong Password:</b> Most of the users ignore this very important thing. If you use other security tricks and give this a miss by using a weak password, it may take a toll on your website completely. The security of your website completely depends on the password you set. Use longer passwords and do not name personal things. Make use of upper and lower case letters, it is recommended so because passwords are case sensitive.<br><br>


<b>2. Update your wordpress regularly:</b> update your WordPress installation regularly. If there is any problem with the current version the WordPress team will take out a new version to fix the problem.<br><br>


<b>3. Do Not Use Malicious Themes or Plug-in:</b> there are certain themes or plug-ins that is malicious. These malicious codes are hidden with the help of encryption and thus it is not easy to detect them. Thus it is recommended that you download them from reputed source. Never install free or pirated themes or plug-ins.<br><br>

<b>4. Disable File Editing:</b> The administrators have complete right to edit any theme or plug-ins, but it can also be easier for the hacker to login and then edit the themes and plug-ins. You must disable this feature in your WordPress.<br><br>


<b>5. Secure wp-config.php:</b> This contains some important configuration setting and also contains the most important thing the username and the password. Thus it is very important to protect your WordPress files. Though they are not accessible to everyone but still you must add an extra security layer with the use of .htaccess rules to deny HTTP requests to it.<br><br>


<b>6. Do not let users to browse in your WordPress directory:</b>Add this line in the.htaccess file in the directory you have installed in your WordPress. This will not allow directory browsing.<br><br>


<b>7. Change username:</b> Most of you use your user name as ‘admin’ and thus it is easily known to the hacker. Thus, use a different username for your <a href="">WordPress ecommerce development.</a> Set a unique username when you are installing it since once you choose a username it cannot be changed. But you can add a new admin to the dashboard and delete the old admin name.

Use the above tips and protect your WordPress from hackers. They are truly effective.

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