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       Are you a resident of Coventry in the county of West Midlands in England?  You intend buying various electronic gadgets and you wish to find all that you want in one store and that too at a discounted price, don’t you?  Yes, then you should rush to MTC (Minhas Trading Company) at Foleshill Road, the paradise on Earth for electrical items and electronic gadgets.  The MTC discount store was earlier known as a TTC discount store.  It is only the name that has been changed but not the quality or the enticing offers!

Deluge of Electronic Gadgets:

       You will, indeed, be dumbfounded during your maiden visit to MTC discount store at Coventry.  Whoever steps into the store with the intention of window shopping the electrical and electronic goods will certainly not step out the store without buying atleast one minor item.  One will be carried away at the deluge of choices the store offers for buying even minor electrical or electronic gadgets like iron boxes, microphones, calculators etc.  Wouldn’t you then be amazed at the myriads of choices that are offered for washing machines, camcorders, I-pads, I-phones and home appliances?

        Apart from the varieties that they offer, the store has been bestowed on the reputation of selling high quality products by the public.  The highlighting thing here is that the discount that they offer for such quality products.  One thing that is worth mentioning here is the astounding car parking lot of the stores!  It has been done at the expense of the store solely to serve its customers.

Online Shopping:

      Do the non-residents of Coventry feel like missing such a praise-worthy discount store in your place?  Log onto to set aside your worry!  Yes, just by sitting before your PC you can make yourself to be at par with your Coventry counterparts.  The website enables you to view every item of the store and you can buy online all that you want.  Whatever you order will be delivered to you before the end of the next business day.  The doubts that you have while shopping online are clarified upon calling the sales hotline.  How else can the store serve the non-residents of Coventry just like their Coventry counterparts?

Home Appliances:

      MTC discount store is reputed for home appliances too.  They are into selling washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, stoves, sewing machines etc. 

      The support service that they offer is quite laudable!  Hence, when you buy an item at MTC, apart from the warranty you will also be assured of their services for a certain period.  No customer of MTC will be left in the lurch while or after buying a product. 

Commendable Reviews:

      The customers of MTC have always offered commendable reviews on the store.  MTC is being served by its knowledgeable staff members who can offer even minute details on the products.  So, those who have not yet heard of MTC, do you still prefer any other store to MTC?

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