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The Versatile Heat Transfer Press

by scaffonline

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The heat transfer press has developed into one of the most versatile tools for applying printed designs to a wide range of substrates from clothing and textiles to ceramics, metals, plastics and even wooden surfaces.

Since the development of the earliest machines almost a century ago, new inks, adhesives, substrate treatments and transfer media have been matched by advances in heat transfer press technology by companies like A. Adkins & Sons – one of the longest established manufacturers and distributors of heat transfer presses in the world.

Microprocessor Controls

The latest machines use microprocessor control systems to give highly accurate temperatures and consistent dwell times – critical for some of the latest transfer media and embellishment techniques.

At one time, heat transfer machines were single application devices – used for applying heat activated ink transfers onto textiles and clothing.  But today, the range of transfer media has expanded and heat transfer presses are finding applications beyond simple printing. 

Curing Process

They are now used to apply CAD or die-cut PVC (widely used for sports apparel), embroidered appliqués, metallic foils and flock transfers. Inkjet and dye sublimation printers using special inks and media have revolutionised the production of bespoke and one-off or short production runs, cutting pre-production costs and time.

The growth of Direct to Garment (DTG) printing has led to heat transfer machines being used to speed up the curing process – delivering rapid and consistent temperature and pressure to achieve consistently high production yields.  Heat presses are also being used by screen printers to replace tunnel dryers as well as for adding new effects and textures to traditional screen printed designs.

Companies like A. Adkins & Sons manufacture and distribute a wide range of manual and pneumatic heat transfer presses capable of handling most production requirements both in terms of volume and configuration. Some presses have replaceable tables to handle different size projects and others are specifically designed for printing three-dimensional objects like caps and ceramic mugs. 

If you are interested in heat press technology, contact A. Adkins and Sons Limited on +44(0)1455 891 291 or visit our website:

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