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Why rummy is a popular card game?

by chester12

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Amongst the many card games Rummy happens to be popular all across the world. It has a rich history of evolving to the game it is today through a journey across continents. This has led to the many versions of the game like 13 card rummy, Gin rummy etc. The popularity of the game has made it a famous game to be played online as well. There are several reasons for the game to be this popular some of them are as below –

Cash prize –

Rummy is not just a favourite pastime but comes with a lot of monetary rewards as well. Mostly, this game involves cash prizes that are given to the winner. These cash prizes are not only offered when you play offline, but online tournaments also hand out hefty prizes to winners. Every site gives you bonus points at registration to get one with the game. With the use of these points you can earn many more points and convert them to cash prizes. The limit to which you can win differs from site to site.

Challenging games –

Apart from being a monetarily rewarding game, rummy is a game for those who like challenges. In fact the 13 card rummy game is considered to be a game for the thinking man. Playing rummy involves the utilization of a lot of skills. Achieving the main aim of the game of turning the hand dealt to you into a set of winning cards requires strategizing and analysis. It becomes all the more challenging when the game is played online. This is because your challengers are well versed players from across the country and you are likely to get a different player each time you login for a game. These kinds of challenges are exciting for many card players.

Engaging pastime –

The skills and analysis involved in the game make rummy very engaging. The game is played across the world as a popular pastime. It is an excellent way to while away lazy afternoons, having a great time with friends, killing time when on a long journey etc. Moreover, playing rummy is also a ritual on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. This is mostly for fun and families play the game with big or small amounts of money at stake.

Enthusiasts alsoshow interest in playing the different kinds of rummy games across the world, but the 13 card rummy game is very popular in India and is found to be played by beginners and experts alike.

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