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Alberta Injury Lawyers Tip off Against Revenge

by amybaron

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If there's one thing the archaic Code of Hammurabi is famous for, it's this: "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." As the line goes, gouge someone's eyes out and you will be punished similarly. At least, that's what most people presume; but injury lawyers in Alberta think the message may be mostly misinterpreted.

This is termed as lex talionis or the law of retribution in the niche of law, and it's often believed that this guideline traces its roots back to the Hebrews. Given the literal meaning of the line, people generally regard lex talionis as a justice system based upon retribution. Having said that, its usual interpretation has long been the matter of dispute.

When Hammurabi came to power in Babylon over 2,000 years ago, the kingdom didn't live under the thought of equality. Babylonian society was subdivided into three basic levels: the elite, the commoner, and the slave (traces of this distribution still exist today). Hammurabi created a directory of at least 300 laws based on the social hierarchy at the time.

In other words, the punishment for destroying the eye of a social caste is dependent on the caste concerned. If a person is found accountable of damaging the eye of a commoner, the punishment is a settlement of "one mina of silver." Some of the statutes enumerated in the code may not be good by today's standards; but it gave a framework for future, less draconic laws such as Mosaic Laws.

The Code of Hammurabi is a historical legal code that is a excellent point of reference for exactly how far the current justice system has developed in terms of fairness and equality. Injury lawyers in Alberta, for instance, motivate victims to go to them instead of pursuing revenge in their very own method. Today's rules respect the idea of human rights, whether the person is the victim or the lawbreaker. Any criminal action will create the type of punishment the perpetrators are worthy of--just as some provisions of the Code of Hammurabi mentioned.

The code, while obsolete, is an interesting material to examine when digging up the background of the present day legal system. For additional info, you can look at the article at or Remember that justice will not overlook those who uphold an eye for an eye kind of revenge.


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