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Bankruptcy credit repair a too much task for bad credit

by creditfast10

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Analysts in major firms have always failed to realise the
essence of credit repair and reforms that could improve credit score. Have they
ever tried to define to the whole idea behind the word credit? Credits were
earned during the days when east India Company reigned the subcontinent and there
were major treaties signed between the Dutch and the French who were then the
exporters of spices from the South American continent. English were smart
enough to send their workers from Africa to these areas on the globe. The price
was not the ransom, it was way more than what was anticipated but the French, welsh,
British and the Dutch. The treaty said that for every worker that was to work
in the fields of what today is known as modern Argentina is kept for the next
crop season as a credit with the ruling regime. So the English earned credit
from the Portuguese who were the major exporters of spices to the Indian


So that’s how historians are said to have coined the word
credit that holds the modern meaning of a bank credit or terms like credit
repair. So talking of the banks one always thinks they are your money savers,
but wait a minute, don’t they have you spend it in the first place? How many of
us customers can actually call for a credit repair help. Few can who are lucky
enough to not have landed in an issue like bankruptcy credit repair.


Let’s take an example where you buy a car today and are
paying the loan and lose saving in the meanwhile. You will first lose your
credit and would not have enough time to raise credit score before bank takes
away your car and registers you for a bankruptcy credit repair. In majority of
such cases  of credit repair help we have
different institutions that will forward their helping hands and come up front
to help raise credit score, but what really happens is that they offer more
credit and then take it back in the form of all of your savings, if at all you
have some left. So exercise a little caution before taking huge sums as loans
from banks as later it might just come to their hands to fix bad credits.


From a bank’s perspective, honestly none of them are faring
well at the moment. Especially when it comes to collection accounts on credit
report. Banks have either lost credibility or don’t want to function without
any more money. But where will the money come from. It will come from Mortgage,
funds and foreign exchange. The collection accounts on credit report have to be
maintained and updates properly. Attempts have to make to fix bad credit and
improve credit score of the customer. Talking of the foreign exchange, it adds
up to 1.5 trillion to the global economy every day and no one notices. Well the
bank does, with fare possibility of earning the maximum out of it.


It’s estimated that over 90% of this amount goes to the
majors all across Europe. That’s almost a trillion dollar sum. But the question
still remain, is the bank doing enough? Are they on themselves, for themselves
or is it just that the customer base needs to be more efficient and have a say
at contributing to the global economy. Well all said than done, we have just
witnessed a fascinating presidential election. Who knows who wins?



Mike Turin is an author of this article who writes
about the benefits of Bankruptcy credit repair.
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