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Protect Personal Information with Password Protection

by anonymous

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You lock your car when you're not driving it. You secure your home whenever you're away, or when you go to bed at night. You keep valuables and documents in a bank safety deposit box or a safe at home. And you take whatever steps are necessary to ensure your family is safe.

So, why not secure your digital documents with
document password protection?

Not every digital document that we generate needs to be protected. But if the document contains PII or personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers and other sensitive information--anything you would want to control access to - you may want to
password protect document.

Password protection is a well-known and used feature that various software offers. With a few clicks, your saved document will only be accessible to you and those individuals you chose to share the password with.

In Microsoft programs, Word for instance,
password protect document is accomplished easily by selecting File and then clicking info and selecting protect document or permissions. This gives you several options for controlling access to any sensitive documents; from restricting the document so it is "read only" to encrypting or password protecting the document so it cannot even be opened without entering the proper password.

When you encrypt a document, a screen warns you to keep a list of passwords in a safe place; to remember that passwords are case sensitive as well as that if you lose or forget a password, you won't be able to recover it.

So be careful, you don't want to
password protect documents and then forget the password to the documents - although there are many programs available on the Internet that can perform password recovery for a fee, which is why many find document password protection not as secure as they would like.

So, whilst not totally foolproof, password protection is a valuable function that is simple, and easy to do to all your private documents on your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPod or any device that you use for data and documents. You may never know if
document password protection saves you grief, but you will definitely know if you don't use the password feature and a hacker or intruder breaks in and accesses those documents then they can make use of your personal information.

Be smart, be safe, password protect your documents.

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