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Dental Office Uses Lumineers to Whiten Teeth

by antoinejamison

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Age can take a toll on your smile. Many patients find that as they age their teeth begin to dull or take on a darker, more stained appearance. Teeth whitening procedures have gained popularity among those looking to rejuvenate their smile. However, professional dental whitening treatments do not work for all people. Our Longmont cosmetic dental office offers several cosmetic treatments to enhance the appearance of your smile. Today, we’d like to focus on LUMINEERS and how they can whiten teeth that are not responsive to more traditional whitening methods.

The following problems can be difficult to treat with more traditional whitening methods:

• Dark teeth due to aging and enamel thinning

• Stains from dental fluorosis or tetracycline staining

• Dark, dull enamel from dental injury

• Or persistent environmental stains

If you suffer from one of these problems, you many find that porcelain LUMINEERS can effectively brighten your smile in just a few appointments. Because LUMINEERS cover the entire existing tooth, they can resurface most damaged, darkened enamel.

LUMNIEERS are made of thin layers of multi-dimensional Cerinate porcelain. They are natural looking and bright, closely resembling young, healthy enamel. LUMINEERS are affixed to your existing teeth with a dental-grade adhesive, giving even the most stained teeth the opportunity to look fresh and bright once again.

We encourage you to come to the office for a consultation. Our dental team can help you determine which cosmetic treatment option would be best for your individual needs. If you no longer want to settle for a lackluster smile, please call our Longmont dental office to learn about your options. We are happy to discuss your concerns and schedule your consultation.

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