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What If Access Database Index Corrupts??

by larendaniel

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Indexing tables in Access 2007 database can help you in making sorting, insertion, deletion and updations more faster. Queries and Reports are two most remarkable features of Access 2007. Indexing curtails down the redundant time which is being taken while scanning all the records to find data. What if these indexing concept gets corrupt then you are in nowhere situation. In that case you need to look for a backup copy of the database file Or you must download a professional and reliable <a href=””>access repair</a> application.

 Consider a scenario. Wherein, you are trying to import data from a table(source) into a master table (destination), and instead receive the following error:

 “Operation failed – too many indexing- reduce the number and try again.”

 This error won't let execute the query. Before proceeding further, it is essential to come across the possible causes.


The above error can occur in following situations:

 Either, The destination table's index are corrupt and when you import the data from source table and imply it with destination table but having corrupt indexes you encounter the above error message


The table in which data is being imported is corrupt.


Get around the solutions in order to overcome this issue:

 Create a copy of the destination table, but without any data

Remove all indexes, run an append query and move the data from the corrupt table to the new table

Recreate the indexes

Move the table to a new file and carry on with the import

If you do not succeed in eliminating the error message, you must download an <a href=””>Access database repair</a> utility to repair the master database of your organization.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software is a highly effective , read only application that can repair macros, modules, forms and VBA code for reports also. Access Recovery software is compatible with all latest and advanced Operating systems Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000 and supports MS Access 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002(XP) and 2000.

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