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Auto Rickshaw

by Ahmad117

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Auto rickshaw is becoming one of the most growing transportation vehicles in the east countries of Asia such as in Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, China, Philippine, Bangladesh, Nepal and in India. Their numbers are increasing in great rate and it is being thought that soon their numbers will be more as compare to any other automotives, in these countries. The reason behind their increasing popularity is simple design which makes it easy and economical to manufacture and last but not least is that they give good mileage.

If you examine its body you will find it as a tricycle attached with 200 or 250 cc engine, hydraulic front brake and metal body on its front and backside. Metal body decreases the power of 250 cc engine with the result it runs on low speed. Many auto rickshaw manufacturers choose small engine for its production because to ensure safety of both drivers and passengers. In some countries or places drivers paint magnificent mosaics paintings on rickshaws bodies and glass and some drivers decorates them with colorful ribbons and stickers. This is usually done to reflect motherland cultural art.

These auto rickshaws are called by various names in different countries such as tuk tuk, minicab, three wheeler auto, auto taxi and trishaw. In every country auto rickshaws are manufacture in different designs. They run on petrol, liquefied nitrogen gas (L.P.G) and compressed nitrogen gas (C.N.G). Their capability of running on various fuels makes them capable of using them in any part of the world.

Now day's auto rickshaws are implanted with four strokes engine rather than two strokes engines, as it uses to be found in old auto rickshaws. This development proves to be very much environmental friendly because two strokes engines use to eliminate harmful smoke which is bad for health and global warning. On the other hand if old two strokes engine is functioned by compressed nitrogen gas (C.N.G) it use to eliminate even more smoke as compare to petrol and probability of engine to go hay wired also increase, which means two storks engines are not ideal to be use with any other fuel except petrol.

Auto rickshaw is available in markets of the south east countries of Asia in many sizes, designs, colors and affordable prices. People who do not have enough money to start their own business use to buy auto rickshaw and start their own business of transportation. Even there are many companies made, recently, which use to give autos on rent to poor peoples. This so called auto taxi is becoming important to decrease unemployment and poverty rate in these countries.

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