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Simplicity versus Complexity Friction

by anonymous

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Look it up on Wikipedia, you'll get Physics. Search for Friction and Economic and Google will serve up irrational behavior in Labor Markets. Change the 2nd word to Cost and you'll be introduced to something you already know:


Friction Cost is a measure of Cost, both implied and direct, associated with a transaction. Friction costs include time, effort, money, and labor associated with gathering information and making a transaction.


That may seem abstract so allow me to provide an example or three.


  1. The morning spent cutting and pasting Names and corresponding Addresses from 3 or 4 different sources into Excel and fixing them so all the fields match for the Mail Merge you are planning is a Friction Cost.


  1. Opening envelopes and manually registering respondents for an upcoming lunch on a different Excel sheet and driving the checks to the bank before it closes is a Friction Cost.


  1. Matching those 2 (or more) Excel sheets so you can mail event information to attendees is a Friction Cost. Figuring out who gets a discount to something. Figuring out who missed early registration and doesn't get a discount. Figuring out who didn't send a check and chasing them down before, at or after the event. Handing out Satisfaction surveys at the end and trying to make sure everyone has a pen so they don't have to wait (because people don't wait, they leave). Going through those surveys and manually entering the data in yet another Excel sheet to tally the feedback. Friction Costs.


Looking at this list I'm reminded that the Friction Costs which really frustrate me are not simply financial but productivity based, having to repeat the same time and effort on the same work twice or three times because organizational data is spread across different systems.

Getting the working data of your organization out of silos and into a central access point is the first step to removing the Friction from your day. Making sure the data in that central access point is capable of replacing an existing task (Defining a Mailing List by committee membership) is the second step. Automating repetitive tasks is the third Friction reduction method.


• If you use email or the Web to communicate with large pools of people, the Marketingship Suite can help reduce the Cost of Friction through tools like Autoresponder software.


• If you organize the planning and hosting of any size event, the Marketingship Suite can help reduce the Cost of Friction.


• If you coordinate information or activities for any group from a PTA committee to a PBS membership base, the Marketingship Suite can help reduce the Cost of Friction with intuitive Events Management Software.


Rather than spending your time managing and dealing with the friction that comes from a traditional approach, why not enlist the services of Marketingship? You will be amazed at how something as simple as the autoresponder software and events management software can simplify your daily processes.


Save Time. Save Money. Eliminate Headaches.


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