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Stoone Production Line is the Symble of New Era

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     If the supply of sand and gravel aggregates is sufficient, and is able to keep up with the needs of construction, it is close to a country's economic situation. The aggregate is indispensable in a modern reinforced concrete construction; the appearance of aggregate drives the emergence of various sturdiness and construction facilities. With constant updating and improvement in technology, the production methods in aggregate production line have also been steadily improved and achieved notable results.
     At present, aggregate is mostly used in mechanism sand, sand is mechanically broken or crushed by river gravel crushers and then screened, although the cost of mechanism sand is relatively higher than natural sand, but due to the high-speed rail construction and the development of large building now, natural sand is already in short supply, and sand strength and performance of mechanism sand are superior than the natural sand. At the same time, sand making equipment produced by domestic machinery producers has also started a wide range of applications in the country, and brings good benefit to consumers and, therefore, the trend of mechanism sand replacing natural sand have become apparent. Before reform and opening up, the production way of sand and gravel is relatively backward. Most used natural sand-gravel after a manual filter and click. This way is inefficient and is not of high quality, but also pose a certain threat to natural sand and gravel resources. There was no sand production line automation equipment, and less gravel plant. Later as the progressive construction, aggregate demand is increasing largely, the original artificial screening way has been unable to meet demand, and so people explore the way of mechanism sand production line to increase aggregate productivity and the quality of sand and gravel.
     With Crusher's research and development, we continue to acquire new technology, Henan hongxing applications of impact crusher has been broaden, and it plays an important role in the research and consumption of new materials.

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