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Engineering Degree Course, the high demand

by anonymous

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Our education system offers a large variety of courses in different streams and departments, for producing masters in every field. But, the fact remains, that every private sector and government sector company prefers to hire a candidate with a professional technical degree. The demand for engineers has been increasing in the market today, and so is the number of students. India alone produces 750,000 engineers every year. Lets not forget, “Engineer has been, and is, a maker of history”.

The course has been popular amongst us since many decades and is still in a very high demand. Which is evident from the corporate hiring procedure, for applying in many good companies it is essential to hold a professional technical degree, considering the extremely high demand. Their decision is then made by the relevance of the degree determined by the passing institute of the student. It is important because every institute differs in the academic structure, methodology and the faculty. Engineering degree course has a wide variety in the course, ranging from Mechanical, Computer, Information Technology, Electronic & Telecommunication and many more. But what separates these contemporary courses is their training method, which should keep industrial and corporate standards in mind. This standard may vary among colleges.

Students have been choosing engineering degree course under the dilemma of earning more money. But, high salary is only one aspect for pursuing a career in engineering. The industry is always stable and keeps growing, the work environment for engineers is pleasant and well suited for the task they handle, the knowledge gained can be used for non-work related things too, the skills you are taught can be used for other streams also. An engineer can easily adapt to work culture of any other field, whereas a person from any other field can never become an engineer. Engineers are problem solvers, who apply their expertise in science and maths to do their job, which can also help in solving practical problems.

It takes a lot of hard-work, involvement and determination to become a successful engineer. And that is what makes the course extremely high in demand. A properly trained engineer who knows his role in a company is more important to an employer and proves to become an asset for the firm. Engineering is not a degree nor an occupation or a job. Engineering is a way of thinking. There is a very famous quote by Albert Einstein, “Scientists investigate that which already is, Engineers create that which has never been”, is the most appropriate way to define an engineer in today's fast moving world.

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