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Men in survey have stated that what they want from women

by connorjamie

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When women think of men and relationships, they think that all he wants is sex. However, a survey undertaken online has revealed more about men than women may think. Men want a lot more out of the women that they choose to have relationships with, and these relationships may be one night couplings, short term relationships, long term relationships where you both live your own lives, or something casual. We all agree that casual is possibly the best relationship to have when you are trying to build a career and a life for yourself in London. These men are busy, working long hours and taking work home with them, so they don’t really have the time to spend building up long and strong relationships just at this point. What they do have though is needs that can be fulfilled by busty escorts, and these girls offer men a lot of the things they are looking for in a relationship.

First off, men want a woman who has her own life, her own friends and her own income. Busty escorts have all this in spades. At no point in time, no matter how many times she has dated him, she will never want to introduce him to her parents or even her friends (unless of course he was a sexy little group experience with her). He likes this. He likes that he can live his life and she isn’t dependent on him calling her all the time. Quite the opposite really! After this he likes that she is sexy, without being trampy. These girls are high class and incredibly charming. He can take her out to dinner and even though all heads will turn in her direction, then will be admiring her poise and grace, as much as her assets!

No matter how long you have been seeing busty escorts in the city, you will know that she loves to do little things to show that she cares and that she knows how to please you. This is something else that men really rated in the survey, the fact that women can do little things to make them happy, this could be ordering buffalo wings for him at dinner, or arranging the whole date night activities, from speed boating in the Thames to booking a luxurious hotel room and then sensually massaging him. It all counts!

Men in London may be looking for all sorts of things when it comes to relationships with women. However, a casual relationship for a busy businessman with a gorgeous escort? Well, this is bound to win hands down every time. It’s easy, fun, discreet, exciting and incredibly sexy. Pop online and search for your perfect woman!


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