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Recovering Linux system

by anonymous

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In the Linux operating system, the fsck is a useful utility that scans the file system for consistency and integrity. It is usually run automatically at the startup if the system detects that it is in an inconsistent state. It checks and repairs the file systems and bad sectors. Although this utility is useful in its own right, it has got some drawbacks as well. For example, if you run fsck on a mounted Linux system then it could lead to system corruption and data loss. In such cases, you should take the help of a effective and reliable Linux data recovery software.

Consider a scenario wherein you are working on a Linux system that has live Ext3 file system. You run the fsck utility and find the following error message:

“EXT3-fs: corrupt root Inode, run e2fsck”
If you run e2fsck on the same volume after getting the aforementioned error message, then the following error message is displayed:
“Root Inode is not a directory. Clear?”
Select “Yes” or “No” when you get this error message. If you select “Yes”, then the parent entry of each Inode in the root directory is removed and the following message is displayed:
“Missing '..' in directory Inode”

Now, you need to find the root cause of the problem.

The cause of the file system corruption is the execution of the fsck utility on the mounted Linux system. When this error is encountered, you are not able to boot your system and the data becomes inaccessible. To run fsck, you need to unmount the file system first.

This issue can be addressed by replacing the corrupt file system. For this, you need to format the existing system and reinstall the operating system. However, by formatting the system you will be losing all your data. So, to recover all your valuable data you need to take the help of a Linux data recovery software. These software use efficient algorithms to scan the hard drive and recover all the inaccessible data. These read-only tools are highly interactive that do not require having any prior technical knowledge.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is one of the most efficient tool that recovers the data in almost every type of situation. The software is capable of various file systems recovery, such as Ext4 recovery, Ext3 recovery, Ext2 recovery, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 recovery. It is compatible with all major Linux distributions such as Red Hat, SUSE, Debian, Caldera, Mandrake, Sorcerer, TurboLinux, Slackware, Gentoo etc.

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