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International schools for early childhood education programs

by tanakaleino

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Internationals schools are a popular choice amongst parents when it comes to getting their children the best education. This is because, they tend to implement a curriculum that is strategized to give individual attention and train students to meet the requirements of the future. Such processes are employed right from the early years of education. These early childhood education programsare implemented to train students to analyze and improvise the concepts/ situations they may encounter in future.

Following are a few initiatives that international schools take for the all round development of students –

Individualised Instructions –

A very important part of early childhood education programs is to give personal attention to every student as this is their first stage of learning. This is why the daily schedule of international schools is kept flexible so that each student can be given the required time to understand what is being taught. The curriculum and the time table are designed keeping this in mind. Also, every classroom has two educators who make sure every student is following what is being taught in class. Sometimes students are placed in small groups where teachers attend to each student as per their requirement.

Maths and Language –

Maths and languages are given great importance. To give the students a kick start, maths is mostly the first subject of the day. They are encouraged to explore mathematic problems and demonstrate their understanding to the class. Methods like using manipulatives, drawings, numbers and equations are applied to come to conclusion. These problems are designed to challenge students at different levels of understanding and develop their skills in the mathematical areas.

Having a good command over language is highly important to improve your confidence. Hence, special care is taken to develop their language skills. Teachers have a one-to-one session with students to explore writing. Students are taught about different aspects of writing like letter formation, phonics, grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.

Independent Projects –

International schools pay special attention to train students to handle tasks individually. This is why early childhood education programs essentially involve independent project assignment. Students are assigned with different assignments like games, puzzles, and other problem solving activities. Sometimes these projects are assigned to individuals and sometimes to a group of students.

Extracurricular activities –

Co-curricular activities play a major role in the early childhood development programs. They are important for the over-all development of the students. Hence, they ensure that the schedule includes activities like sports, dance, music and much more. This helps the children to understand their inclinations and develop a talent at an early age.

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