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Raised Toilet Seats and Other Useful Tools For People With S

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The most difficult thing that a caregiver and patient deal is the time when a patient needs to use the bathroom. Not only a patient, but also people facing mobility and arthritis problems face difficulties to get up from toilet seats. Though many people take it for granted, but raised toilet seats can lessen this issue.

Raised toilet seats maintain dignity of not only patients but also for others who face serious issues while using the restroom. Even these seats make it easy and safe for individuals to utilize the rest room without having risk of injury. Moreover, additional height being offered by such raised toilet seats for an obtainable and affordable solution.


Choices for raised toilet seats:

Universal model: This model is best suited for people who are unsure about their requirements. Such toilets would fit into any toilet bowl and would not scratch the porcelain. One of the best features is that the height can be adjusted accordingly.

Three-in-one-chair model: This model comes with a cushioned bar at back making it suitable for patients. It is good if they need to use it for a longer period.

Locking raised toilet seats: These are unique options for the home caregivers not having disposal resources of a hospital. They can be cleaned easily.


Walking aids:

In the market, there is availability of different walking aids for people who can no longer walk or face difficulties while walking. These aids range from traditional to modern aids respectively. Previously, there had been only walking sticks that provided minimum support to disabled. However, With the passage of time, walkers have been designed for the same.

Apart from the above-mentioned walking aids, there are wheel chairs, crutches, power scooters and others. All these are available with more suitable options that can make the movement easier for users. Getting a walking aid for someone you love is good that can make him/her feel special.



Cast Protectors:

The main function of cast protectors is to protect a broken bone and also keep it balanced while you are recovering. Generally, cast protectors are being prepared of two substances – fiberglass and Paris plaster. Fibreglasses are meant to be stronger, lighter and breathable allowing it to dry up quickly. Such forms of cast protectors come in varied shapes and sizes and are washable as well.


Adapted cutlery:

Disabled children might face issues while using a fork and knife. This is because disabled children might lack in coordination properly. For this reason, adapted cutlery are being designed that can be given to such children by caregivers and parents. There are several kinds of adapted cutlery that can handle such particular issues. So, pick up the right choice for your child/children.


Pill organizer:

Pill organizers or pill boxes are special containers wherein a patient can store all his/her medications. Usually, a pill organizer has square shaped sub-divisions for all days of a week.  In fact, a pill organizer can be viewed as an alternative to reduce or prevent medication errors on a patient’s mindset.

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