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Holistic Counseling for Personal Empowerment

by jgraf

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We live in a time when we must now access our inner spiritual resources. Without this, we are powerless to meet the new edge of evolution, both personal and on the broad human scale. Holistic counseling facilitates access to our natural inner resources  - a significant and over-looked array of resources that are at hand to bring us to our resolutions.


I offer a professional service for individuals and groups. Although I have a Masters degree with a clinical counseling specialty  - the clinical aspect is seasoned with 20 years of a person-centered, holistic approach. 


I consider human nature to comprise a multi-dimensional field. Because of this, I do not offer an “advice” service  - preferring to engage in facilitating a client’s attunement to their own dynamic arena of answers


Sometimes this can be about a person finding their way forward into their destiny. Or it can be about engaging in a more empowered way with a health issue. Other explorations can entail resolving addictive tendencies, hospice counseling, working with trauma, or altering destructive patterns.


In the case of trauma, it is important to explore from a safe distance, gradually meeting and transforming it. In effect, the stumbling block becomes the stepping stone.


Awakening inner resources to engage directly one’s latent healing forces can be an exciting process. Combining this with a humanistic, person-centered approach can get clients in touch with unprecedented faculties sleeping within.


One of the more subtle aspects of the work entails facilitating orientation around esoteric development.  When a person begins, or deepens, their process of finding their personal way with spirituality, all kinds of resolutions can fall into place. A lot of the disorders of our era  - during this time, which I consider to be a temporary materialistic phase of society  - can be linked to a need for people to get in touch with their genuine spirituality. This seldom has to do with a religious path (which, ironically, can prevent a person from engaging their personal spiritual path by delivering pat answers). It has more to do with where an individual is coming from, in the grand scheme of things  - and where they are headed. And, most of all, where they need to focus right now, to enable the unfolding of their individual esoteric process.


In a way, people are butting up against the spiritual “threshold”, and often having difficult experiences, many of which are fomenting beneath the surface. One needs to engage one’s natural spirituality to resolve this kind of eruption.


When I talk about this esoteric aspect, I should mention that I do not consider myself an “Initiate”.  I am not here to initiate people into a given path. Rather, because I have been studying the anthroposophical indications of one of our pre-eminent Initiates, Rudolf Steiner, through this, and many years of meditative practice of a Western-style, anthroposophic path, I am able to bring understanding to many of the dynamics people are contending with at this time.


In a few words of summation, I invite clients to treat themselves to greater fulfillment through personal evolution. You carry your best answers inside. The counselor facilitates the process of your own attention directing itself to those resolutions.



Josef Graf, MSW, MHS in clinical counseling, offers sliding scale fees  - discounts for the Waldorf community, seniors, and financially challenged. Anyone can book a free initial consultation, through email: jgraf5 at yahoo dot ca.  In-person sessions are available, and also phone and Skype sessions  - anywhere in North America for the latter.

Visit the website for further information:  - Josef Graf Holistic Counseling.



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