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Seamless processes with Gericke conveyor systems

by liyo89

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Gericke technology is ideal for conveying a wide range of products over any required distance. The conveying Installation Engineering is best suited for the product is selected. Gericke offers the full spectrum of lean-phase and dense-phase conveying. The transducer ensures that the product is fed consistently and with low friction to the conveying process. Specially designed tube bends and distributing guides guarantee that there is no unnecessary product abrasion during transport. This is also applicable for restarting the system after an interruption in conveying.


Pneumatic conveyor systems by Gericke offer seamless processes in two ways. On one hand, they provide low-abrasion transport and complete removal of the conveyed material without leaving any residue. On the other hand, Gericke conveyor systems simplify internal processes with minimum maintenance and personnel requirements and provide optimum conditions for downstream production processes. The belt conveyor systems are designed for the best-possible material flow. This also greatly reduces cleaning requirements. The product quality remains virtually unchanged by the gentle conveying. This ensures optimum conditions for downstream production processes. Pneumatic conveyor systems by Gericke can be fully automated to eliminate additional personnel costs for the operator. The primary advantage is that it is easily configurable, either into zoned areas along a conveyor that can signal the belt to stop and switch on a water-spray system, or it can be integrated into a sprinkler system that uses temperature threshold bulbs to operate.


The solids and bulk handlingis a major cost factor in production processes. Gericke develops and implements designs for efficient bulk-material handling. Since the 1950s Gericke has been a pioneer in the development of pneumatic conveyor systems and installed fully automatic conveyor systems for bulk materials. Customers profit from the correct solution for their application. Dense-phase and lean-phase systems, pressure or suction conveying are all used. The focus is on energy-efficient processes that protect products from damage. The Gericke Technikum offers in-line measurement systems for ensuring that all settings are optimum. A Gericke conveyor system with a PTA 80 pressure transducer can be inspected at the Gericke stand at Powtech 2011.


Gericke supplies complete metering, conveying and mixing systems manufactured in-house. Practical tests with pneumatic conveyor systems and with other equipment from the Gericke range can be conducted in the test centre.




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