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Why Merino wool childrens socks are popular winter wear

by elora12

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Merino is originally a special breed of sheeps much prized for its finer and softer variety of wool. A single sheep is able to produce around 3-6 kg of wool each year. This wool is divided into several categories such as the strong wool, medium wool, the fine quality, super fine and ultra fine. The ultra fine wool is ideal to blend with silk and cashmere and produce the finest of woolen wear. Lightweight knits are all done from this ultra fine variety and exported from New Zealand. New Zealand is a leading producer of merino wool clothing and winter wear. A variety of children socks, stocking and high-knee socks are designed from the ultra fine wool and exported all over the world. Designer baby socks made from merino also forms an integral part of children fashion wear. The original New Zealand made new born baby socks are sold at various online stores now. There are also baby boutiques having a online collection of high-end stocking that are worn by newborns, toddlers and even teens. They are also ideal to be worn during winter mornings to school.

Parents prefer purchasing merino baby socks especially to combat winters because in most parts of Europe, there are chilling and also frosty nights. The original, non-synthetic and breathable wool is the perfect solution to keep the feet of the children both warm and snuggly, giving them a good night sleep. Just the way a sleeping bag warms up the body of the occupant, these sock-ings are super comfy ones. Even after wearing it throughout the day, the feet is non-sweaty and left dry. Compared to any other fabric, merino has properties that will help in regulating the body temperature, keeping the babies warm without overheating them. Woolen wear made from merino is also moisture repellent and relieves them from the sense of wetness. This natural wool also contains antibacterial properties. If the child's feet is exposed to snow and frost, there is no chances of any infection. These factors make the kids socks of merino variety a year round choice for clothing and especially for winter. The sweat is away, yet the feet are warm.

The winter sock-ings collections also have gorgeous and styling looks. Feminine soft pink to multi colored stripes and hall mark beige and crimson colors can be added to the baby's wardrobe. It is an excellent choice as baby shower winter gifts, for Christmas and also for the newborns.

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