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Dental Implant Surgical procedure - Best Details

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Dental Implant is nothing, but a procedure that replaces missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth. The best thing about this procedure is that the artificial teeth looks like the original teeth and it will also function like the original teeth. This is the best option for people, who are wearing bridgework or dentures. This surgical procedure hinges on the condition of the jawbone of the patient and the type of implant to be protected in the tooth socket. Normally, the process of bone healing the building around the implant will take some three to nine months. For patients in Beverly Hills, the Beverly Hills Dentists will be performing a series of surgical procedures step-by-step in such a way that sufficient time is offered for healing and re-growth. Final minor surgery will take place once the bone graft is successfully set up. The whole process involves screwing of implant into the jawbone of the patient. After healing, which generally will take months together, the dental care provider will be inserting a supportive structure and will place the new false tooth in place. The newly established tooth is called as a crown or implant prosthesis.

Dental implant procedure will begin only after a thorough examination of the mouth condition of the patient by way of x-rays and wax models of the jaw will be taken by the Beverly Hills Dentist before creating the artificial teeth. Then, the professional will be tailoring a treatment examination for the patient and the condition of the jaw bone will be examined. The gums will be studied by different dental care providers like periodontist and Maxillo-facial surgeon. The surgery will be done under anesthesia and it might be either local or general anesthesia. Based on the type of anesthesia, the patient will be advised to observe a special diet on the day before the surgery.

Generally, on completion of implant surgery, the patient should not drive himself or herself to the home and it is always better to get the help of others to reach home and the remaining day should be spent in rest. Some patients might need bone grafting if the jaw bone is not dense or thick enough for supporting the placement of implant. Tissue might be harvested by the surgeon from the hip bone of the patient and it might take some six to nine months for the uprooted bone to take hold and grow. If the surgery involves minor bone grafting, the implant procedure and grafting might be done by the surgeon on the same day.

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