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Minerals and Metals are the gift of nature on our planet

by tonyten

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Earth is a great place to survive and there are some belongings that are considered to be essential for the survival of humans. It provides with the adequate resources for our needs. Although plants and animals are also considered as living organisms, humans are given the chance and the will to utilize that can be found on earth. There are various natural resources that include plants, wood and various Minerals and Metals is considered to be the oldest mineral on this planet. It has been used in different reasons. During the early civilizations metal has been used as a weapon. It is very much known for its hardness and durability. Metals play an important role in our everyday lives, being used to fabricate artifacts ranging from buildings, bridges, cars to paperclips and electronic circuitry.


 A mineral is a naturally occurring solid chemical substance formed through biogeochemical processes, having characteristic chemical composition, highly ordered atomic structure, and specific physical properties. There are different types of minerals that are used in the process of mining and ore body is discovered as the first process. They are used in their natural state or after beneficiation either as raw materials or as additives in a wide range of applications. Materials recovered by mining include base metals, precious metals, iron, uranium, limestone, etc. Metals are commercially used for manufacture of ships, aero planes, motor cars and various industrial machines. Whether in the kitchen or in the office, at work or at play, metals are present in all the equipment that makes our daily life more efficient, healthier and more enjoyable. Iron bars are used in the construction of buildings. The impact of metals on civilization can be seen in the classification of the ages of mankind, with the chronological progression from Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.


Metal wires of pure copper and aluminum are used for the supply of electricity. Lead is used for water pipes. Aluminum is used in alloys for manufacturing of different parts of ships and aero planes and different heavy machinery. Minerals are an economic commodity; they are mined because of the need for a valuable element they contain or an intrinsic property they may have. Industrial minerals are geological minerals which are mined for their commercial value, which are not fuel and are not sources of metals. Minerals and metals are everywhere, from gemstones in jewelry to marbles in buildings, to microprocessors in computers. Gold and silver are mainly used for making jewelries; aluminum is used in making the body parts of aero plane as it does not get rust. Copper is used to make coins so it is called coinage metal. Minerals have numerous functions, including: building materials that go into almost every part of construction, appliances, toothpaste, jewelry, lubricants, paint, fertilizer, photography, drawing materials, cooking ingredients, utensils, coatings, machinery, chemical and pharmaceutical materials. The mining of the minerals requires a lot of heavy machineries and where the process of land extraction is used at that time bulldozers, explosives, trucks and drills are essential. Every segment of society uses minerals and mineral resources every day.

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