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Get dazzled by the Harlem culture and the lively nights

by emblem

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If you are a tourist visiting New York for the first time, you can be sure to expect a lot. The big Apple is the biggest city in the world. It is a city which accommodates people of all races from every corner of the world. When you are in New York you can find no better neighborhood to stay than the Harlem place. You might wonder why Harlem? Harlem is the friendly neighborhood of New York which has not only achieved a lot since its advent, but it has contributed a lot to the growth and prosperity of New York and America. Its history is rich with tales, adventures, colors and wars. Harlem is now as modern as any part of New York, but the preserved old buildings have a lot to tell those interested to know about them.

Harlem is a neighborhood in New York city in the borough of Manhattan. Since the 1920s it has been a major residential area of the African Americans. But as times changed so did its inhabitants. Today there is a vast majority of white Americans in Harlem. Originally it was a Dutch village which later on began to grow with time and started accommodating people from other races, especially Africans. Harlem culture is a mixture of many other cultures. Because of its unique history, Harlem has grown to have the most amazing cultures, traditions and rituals than any other part of New York. It stretches from the east river to the river Hudson. It had grown steadily to a town before being annexed in the New York in 1873.

The area known as the black Harlem has always been a great preacher of Christianity. It is home for almost over 400 churches. Because of the long influence of the Dutch and Africans, Harlem place was a true Christian colony in the past. But as today the world has progressed and many other people began started living in it, it has changed significantly. Apart from the majority of churches in Harlem, there is a famous mosque too named as the Malcolm Shabazz mosque. It was formerly named as the mosque number 7. The mosque of the Islamic brotherhood and the Masjid Aqsa also maintains its presence in Harlem. The radical changes in settlements of the people in Harlem brought many religions to it with their landmarks still in place.

Harlem place is remembered for the great musicians, poets, artists and actors it produced. It is also proud to have hosted numerous theaters and acting agencies. The famous Apollo theater was founded on 26th January 1934 in a burlesque house. Today the theater is still in use and is one of the largest in the area. Harlem has many nightclubs, bars, cinemas, casinos and cafes. The night life of Harlem is worth seeing for every tourist in New York. Being well connected to the city, it is flocked with party goers in the night. You can never have enough of the place and whenever you visit it, you will find something new to do there.


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