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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- Things You Need to Know

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of popular treatment procedures for decompression sickness. It’s a therapy which involves breathing in pure oxygen. The whole treatment is carried out in a chamber or a special room. A state of the art chamber is needed to carry forward the treatment. The whole body is placed in an air tight, transparent chamber at an increased atmospheric pressure.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is considered painless. The patient undergoing the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is surrounded by oxygen and inhales 100 percent pure oxygen. This kind of treatment procedure is considered as effective for a great number of diverse surgical and medical conditions either as additional or principal treatment. This treatment is basically used to treat several other medical conditions that are considered as new or experimental by most mainstream medical bodies or establishments- regardless of several decades of its reported advantage.

The chambers are large enough to accommodate seven foot long patients as well. The atmospheric pressure can even be increased to as much as 3 times than the normal atmospheric pressure used in the therapy. However, the general treatment uses twice atmospheric pressure or less than that. All throughout the treatment 100 percent, pure oxygen is constantly maintained and circulated all through the chamber during the treatment.

Once the patient enters the chamber and the door of the chamber is closed, the oxygen starts to circulate. This is followed by a gradual increase in the atmospheric pressure which is known as compression. There may be slight warmth, however that is very momentary. There is a technician who monitors the HBOT therapy. Hence, the technician remains by the chamber all through the treatment in order to adjust the rate of compression according to the tolerance of the patient and also to train/prepare the patient on relieving the full sensation in ears. The compression usually lasts for ten to minutes depending on how much useful one is at clearing their ears.

During the therapy, the patient does not need to wear a hood or a mask. This chamber is entirely pressurized with oxygen instead of the room air. Such method needs more oxygen per treatment. However, it offers extra benefit at low pressures, especially to the different areas of the body with reduced blood flow.

Usually, patients experience no such after effects of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. However, it has been found that some patients have reported crackling sensation in their ears in between the treatments as the oxygen behind the eardrums is gripped into blood stream. Some patients even report a feeling of light headed for minutes following the treatment. However, this sort of sensation is experienced for a brief period of time and soon the patients will be able to continue with the regular activities.

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