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The Marvels of the Maya Civilization: A Glimpse

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The Maya civilization is a common topic for documentaries, and chances are, you understand a thing or 2 about it if you're a fan of science and history channels on television. This ancient Mesoamerican culture is noted for their art, astronomical knowledge, written language, and architecture. Besides those, their calendar has astounded present-day researchers with its comprehensiveness and accuracy. Below are more truths that you may find intriguing:

They sutured wounds and treated broken bones before there were medical schools.

Medicine was only practiced by highly educated and chosen men referred to as "shamans". They combine religion and science in rituals that were expected to free patients of their ailments. Their considerable knowledge enabled them to sew up lesions with human hair and masterfully lessen fractures.

They used painkillers before there were pharmaceutical companies.

Just like other ancient civilizations that harnessed the curing power of nature, Mayans made use of various plants, natural herbs, and mushrooms as painkillers. In fact, hallucinogenic substances that they used for rituals are made use of as typical pain relievers today. They made concoctions out of plants like peyote, tobacco, and morning glory.

They had steam baths before there were saunas.

If you're a fan of Mayan history, you should know that they're associated not just with "end of the world" predictions but with contemporary saunas also. Mayans made use of steam baths to purify and rejuvenate their bodies. Water is flowed on hot rocks to develop steam in stone-walled rooms. Sweat baths were particularly enjoyed by females who had just given birth and those who were ill.

They made numerous calendars before there were telescopes and algebra.

Mayan end of the world prophecies stemmed from their extensive calendars. Due to the fact that the Mayans discovered the idea of zero, their calendar is commonly considered advanced in comparison with that of many other civilizations. They had three calendars, which are the Haab, Tun-Uc, and Tzolk 'in, which they depend on for tasks such as harvesting and divination.

Even with the facts provided above, the Maya civilization still holds a mysterious charm. Answers to questions such as " Will the world end in 2012?" or "Exactly what caused the sudden collapse of their thriving civilization?" still remain unanswered, hence making them even more spellbinding to analysts, historians, and archeologists. If you wish to read even more amazing facts about Mayans, you can check out

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