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How to handle Inaccessible File Recovery in NTFS f

by tompatrick

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NTFS is the most entrusted file system for Windows today. With the ability to handle multiple file attributes, such as name of file, data, security descriptor, reparse points, volume name, volume information, bitmap, apart from standard informations, and more, the NTFS file system is found on almost all PCs, and Windows XP, Vista, and 7 based computers can operate only on this file system platform. Despite the steadiness and speed that this file system extends, it is still vulnerable to some problems which may lead to data loss, thus calling for extensive NTFS file recovery.


Consider, you have a 2TB extra hard drive exclusively for saving files on your Windows XP system.  And one fine day, you find the free disk space in that drive has increased majorly, from 400 GB to approx. 1.4 TB. And when you check the recycle bin, there is no trace of any deleted files. And you are left wondering if somebody tampered with your system, or something? Or, was there some undetected virus attack? Or, did the files vanish in thin air?  And certainly the files were not having hidden attribute, as the empty space had increased. But what was queer was the files that had gone missing had first character from 'a' to 'p' and from '0' to '9', irrespective of what file format they have. In such a situation, you can use the backup of the drive, or if you had cloned or imaged the NTFS file system, then use that clone or image to perform NTFS partition recovery on another drive.


But hey, if you didn't take backups, then it is a cause of worry for you, unless you have a NTFS file recovery software, to effectively recover your data. These are some reliable software that perform recovery of deleted data, by applying complex algorithms to the drive, or partition that has been selected. With the ability to perform different kinds of recovery,  these tools are a sure shot way to get back all your inaccessible data, irrespective of the reason for its loss. It certainly could have been deleted by somebody accidentally, or intentionally tampered with, or due to a virus attack, but these reliable NTFS Data Recovery software recover all that and even those files which had been deleted by you previously.


Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery software is a must have for all your data recovery needs. With the ability to perform NTFS partition recovery for deleted partition, coupled with features like cloning or imaging a hard drive, this NTFS Data Recovery tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.


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