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NH7 Weekender – Music festival madness

by PreetiJagwani

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Music is an art form that combines the beauty of sound and silence. It comprises pitch, dynamics, timbre and texture. According to social and cultural context music is divided into many genres and its sub genres. Popular forms of music started with a lot of folk, jazz and blues. It later evolved to other genres such as the hugely popular rock n roll music and pop music. As the years went on and technology advanced, newer and more exciting genres of music were born. As of today, there are a plethora of genres to choose from. Everything from Jazz to blues, Rock n roll to pop music, RnB to reggae, metal to nu metal, dubstep to electronic dance music, alternative to acid rock and a whole other bunch. Music is now a universal language. Everybody understands the language of music.

In the current era with music album sales going down due to piracy, most artists thrive on live shows and concerts.

Concerts and live shows are another experience. There is a brilliance about live shows and concerts that almost nothing else in the world can beat. The crowds jumping and enjoying every bit of the concert is another thrill altogether. Festivals and concerts have always been a huge thing. Woodstock 69 was a major rock n roll festival that started the concert madness. In today's world there are concerts, live shows and multiple day music festivals. Festivals such as Oktoberfest lasts almost two weeks. Most of these music festivals include artists from multiple genres. Metal bands, electronic dance music artists, techno bands, nu metal bands, name it, you have it. Music festivals are a great way for people, who enjoy multiple genres of music, to rock their socks off. The people not only come to enjoy their favorite live acts, but also because of their love for music and the overall mad experience of a music festival.

India is not very far behind. India has a set of their own crazy music festivals that happen in the country. The great Indian October fest, Rock in India, NH7 amongst others are some of the music festivals that happen in the country.

NH7 weekender festival is probably India's craziest music festival. It features bands and artists from India as well as abroad. The festival is not genre specific and comprises an amalgamation of artists from different genres and sub genres of music. NH7 started out in Pune for the first time. NH7 Pune was a runaway success in the first edition. NH7 Pune included a variety of artists that performed. NH7 Pune 2011 comprised artists such as Imogen Heap ( Grammy award winner), famed electronic music DJ Basement Jaxx, mumbai alternative rock band Tough on Tobacco amongst others. NH7 Pune's first edition turned out to be a brilliant crowd puller, with people flocking from all over the country to attend this festival. Also, NH7 Pune had a variety of tickets to offer which was customized to the people's need. This years NH7 weekender will feature in three cities. Nh7 Delhi, NH7 Pune and NH7 Bangalore. This time around, NH7 promises more madness.

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