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Bed Bug Prevention

by PestService

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Bed bug prevention is possible. The fear and anxiety often associated with these pests can cause undue stress even to people who don’t have bed bugs… yet. There are several things that you can do to prevent bringing bed bugs home with you.


  1. Don’t bring in used furniture. This can often have bed bugs living inside it from a previous owner. This could be the reason that they are getting rid of this particular piece of furniture.

  2. Get a high quality bed bug proof mattress cover. These are available at high end mattress stores or online at ( Make sure to encase your box spring and your pillows. We carry these as well as bed bug proof covers for cribs. Bed bug proof mattress covers minimize the number of places that bed bugs can hide on your mattress. Protecting your box spring and pillow covers further reduces those places. Bed bug proof mattress covers also protect against allergens and dust mites. The covers seal in any bed bugs, allergens or dust mites in your mattress – providing a barrier between the bugs and you.

  3. Place Bed Bug Defender™ monitoring devices around the feet of your bed. These are one of the most economical preventative measures. You can purchase 4 (enough for 1 standard bed) for $25 or 12 (enough for 3 standard beds or 2 specialty beds) for $50. Each device has room for one bed leg and will prevent bed bugs from being able to get out of the slick device. Bed bugs will crawl from areas of harborage to the monitor, up the exterior of the device and become trapped in the well on the other side. Alternatively bed bugs will crawl down the leg from the bed (while seeking points of harbourage) and then become trapped in the center of the device. Thus when checking the monitors (which you should do on a regular basic to prevent bed bugs) you can see where the bed bugs are coming from (ie the bed or from other points of harborage). This can be important information for a pest control professional. These devices are lab-tested and Bed Bug prevention approved.



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