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Why Westminster?

by kent

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Westminster is the equivalent of the area surrounding the White House in Washington D.C except much more historic. Westminster is an area in central London that most people in Britain are incredibly proud of. Despite advancement in technology, new-age architecture and the multi-cultural city London has become, Westminster remains largely unchanged from it’s prime. As many people know, the view of Westminster from the London Eye is absolutely spectacular. It breathes a majestic presence, it breathes beauty and most of all; it breathes power. Westminster is the only place in London that has such a colourful, sometimes dark but always fascinating history. The home of London’s most famous landmarks, it is testament to how established England is today. For such a small country, we have, with the invaluable help of our ancestors, become one of the most powerful and influential nations in the world. Our nation is full of beautiful and intelligent people from all around the world. Westminster escorts are just that; beautiful, intelligent and from all corners of the globe.

Westminster is located on the north bank of the River Thames. Every morning in Westminster you can see people heading to work, tourists beginning their day of exploring and Londoner’s who just want to spend the day enjoying the area. Westminster has an unbeatable atmosphere as it’s history is everywhere you turn. From the water than runs through the river, to the archaic buildings, it is an awe-inspiring area.This is why the area is so immensely popular with tourists. People from all over the world don’t come to London to procrastinate, they come to witness the spectacular city and it’s origins. Westminster escorts can make sure your excitement carries on into the night, they are also one of the beautiful sights of London!

Despite the history and prestige of Westminster, the area has a high working class community. in a bid to break up the rich/poor divide, London now has council estates in some of the richest areas. Really, this is only fair considering that it takes a lot of hard work from people to maintain the streets and buildings of Westminster and these people are not working for particularly high wages. Why should people working their fingers to the bone not be able to live in the perfect surroundings they create? This is another reason why London is a brilliant city. Yes, there are still areas that refuse to offer cheaper homes to people who are not wealthy, but most boroughs are open to offer housing. Whether you are staying a penthouse or a small studio, an escort in Westminster will be completely comfortable in your company.


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