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Banksy T Shirts Introducing New Designs

by davein

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T-shirts are among the most fashionable types of apparels in the modern world. While earlier T-shirts used to be plain and simple, modern technology has enabled designers to come up with limitless design techniques. With the popularity of revolutionary street art, Banksy T shirts have become popular in the UK and other European countries as well. Bansky is one of the most recognised stencil artists from Bristol whose work can now be seen in various cities throughout the world. Although he doesn't sell his paintings directly, T-shirts decorated with his creations still dominate the UK market of artistic T-shirts.


History of Banksy

Born in Bristol, Banksy was first trained as a butcher. Luckily, he was caught up in the Bristol aerosol boom during the 80s, which led to the emergence of his true talents. Although he remained a freehand artist during early days, later he turned towards stenciling because it was a much faster way of expressing his thoughts and feelings. Works of Bansky are often seen on walls, buildings and bridges regardless of the regulations against vandalism. Nevertheless, his works have inspired many budding street artists throughout the world, especially after the emergence of Banksy T shirts.


New Styles

Many of Banksy's creations are based on dark humor and criticism towards the existing social system. Being a political activist, he often directs puns at various politicians and their controversial policies which often arouse public attention. Many such works of art have been adapted into Banksy T shirts, which have often secured a great demand in the T-shirt market. Banksy has also adapted masterpieces of other artists to incorporate ironic features, such as Monet's 'Water Lily Pond' which has been redrawn to include some urban debris floating in the water. Such creations have led to some best-selling ranges of Banksy T shirts.


Great T Shirts

It is hard to predict what Banksy may do tomorrow. However, T-shirt companies are always keeping their eyes glued upon him to detect the faintest movement towards a new creation. Once Banksy completes a new work of stencil art, one can find T-shirts decorated with the exact same thing in the market within a few days. Thanks to digital design techniques and advanced printing methods like screen printing, modern Banksy T shirts can preserve the finest details of Banksy's original works on fabrics. Meanwhile they are also comfortable and durable, and can become valuable additions to collections of all fans of Banksy.


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