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Yogurt Franchise Primer and Recognizing the Various Types

by josephcarr

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Yogurt has taken over the U.S. by storm and has outpaced different sectors of the American food sector. Based on a research by Nielsen, yogurt sales in the US have increased by 15 percent from 2010. Observers stated this unexpected boost reflects the change in the American meal preference; they are seen to have started seeking meals that are more healthy and natural. In fact, nearly half of the market share of yogurts is accounted to women in the work environment.

If you're aiming to take advantage of the yogurt craze, there's no better way to do it than through a franchise. Health food franchises provide different types of yogurts, varying from Greek yogurt to frozen yogurt. It is wise to have standard understanding on the general kinds of yogurts and their marketability. Here are a couple of what you can provide in your shop.

Greek Yogurt

According to The Nibble magazine, Greek yogurt is made from milk that has undergone straining three times. Straining removes wetness from the milk to make it thicker and creamier. Greek yogurt is believed to include higher amounts of proteins compared with other kinds of yogurt, which makes it attracting to vegetarians.

Frozen Yogurt

People adore sweets. The sad thing is, ice cream and other sweets can make them gain weight quicker than they prepare to lose it. Thus, frozen yogurt shops were born. Frozen yogurt is a dessert like ice cream, but consists of less fat. Its taste borders between sweet and sour and may or may not include live bacteria present in usual yogurt.

Liquid Yogurt

Liquid yogurt, also known as smoothies, resembles milkshakes but includes the wellness perquisites of fiber and the natural vitamins available in fruits. It is widely offered in groceries, health shops, and even in some frozen yogurt stores. Liquid yogurt can be made at home via a food processor or blender with plain yogurt and any fruit.

Starting a frozen yogurt shop or health food franchise may be the smartest monetary investment you'll ever make. With the growing wellness understanding of individuals, many are on the look-out for healthy and natural food options. Go to for professional insights on purchasing a yogurt franchise.

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