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Increasing Demands for the Canary Diamond and the Pink Argyl

by anonymous

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As you all must be aware, colored
diamonds have caught the imagination of the world in the last few years. Argyle
are the world’s biggest collection of fancy colored diamonds.
They are produced at the Argyle diamond mine located in Western Australia. These diamonds are very
sought after and are available in amazing colors of pink, red, champagne
(brown) and blue. The pink Argyle diamond is especially famous all over the
world. Another colored diamond which is becoming increasingly popular is the canary
diamond, a vibrant yellow diamond.

The natural pink diamond is a very
rare and costly diamond that is produced mostly at the Argyle mine. The
delicate color and the exclusivity and scarcity of the stone makes it all the
rage among the socialites and the celebrities.

Authentic canary diamonds are also
very rare, one in a thousand. They come in the hues of vivid, intense, fancy
and light yellows. The brighter the color, the better and more expensive the
diamond is considered.

You must be aware of the four Cs
of a diamond. As with the traditional white diamonds, the quality of a canary diamond
is also judged on the basis of their Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. The deeper
yellow-colored diamond will command a better price. The brilliant glow of a
canary is its hallmark, and though the larger carat diamond is costlier, the
cut is given priority over the carat. Though better clarity is desirable,
canary diamonds can come with a few blemishes.

To end it all, I am sure everyone
will agree with me that a girl can never resist a diamond, whether it is the
exclusive Argyle diamonds, the typical clear ones or the other colored

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