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Master the Art of Dating Chinese Women – Part I

by anonymous

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I recently met a long time friend. He is dating a Chinese girl and I could sense the charm in his life just by looking him in eyes. I was, of course, curious to know whether it is difficult to date Chinese women. And his answer forced me to assume that dating Chinese girls is an art and if a guy has mastered the art, he surely has all the rights to live his life in love and with compassion.

As per his rendezvous, I shortlisted a few facts which are of immense help to anyone, who wants to date Chinese women. Here we go: - Never assume that your girl would initiate communication on her own. Therefore, you need to open up and let her feel comfortable. If she finds your company comfortable, she will discuss things related to her family and other matters. Her subtle hints like, a pat on your arm, or a wink are the signs that she is comfortable with you.

By now you know, Chinese women prefer their men to take the lead, and you got to be in successful in that, otherwise, you are nowhere with your girl. There is a thin line between being confident and over-confident. If you think that you’ve impressed your girl in your first date and she will arrange for the next date or will call you on her own, then you are wrong. Correct your facts, and make her feel special by calling her and asking her for out. You can also ask her about her prefrence on where she wants to go for the next date. Modesty is considered the highest virtue in the Chinese culture. Therefore, never cross that thin line, if you want a long-term relationship with your girl.

Give time to your girl. Don’t rush after things and don’t make hasty plans. Let the relationship flow in a smooth and slow form. If you think of kissing your date on the first day, then you are thinking on the wrong lines, my friend. This will scare her away. Chinese girls are shy by nature and they take their own time to trust their partner. The best solution is to rely on her indications and signs, only then think of moving ahead with your girl.

In the part - II of the article, I will share more on how to master the art of dating Chinese women. So watch out the space to know more on how to date Chinese girls successfully.

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