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Design Trends for your Pool Construction Project

by cathynewman

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Most people enjoy taking a dip in swimming pools, and some of them shell out money to stay in luxurious hotels with paradise-like pools. On the other hand, innovative design trends can afford you the benefit of having a pool that resembles the ones in hotels right in your own backyard. Below are some of the design trends you can consider in your pool construction.

Residential pools don't always have to be rectangular or round. If you have a section in your backyard that has an irregular shape, you can take advantage of this and have the pool contractor work within those confines to build a concrete swimming pool that's free of form. A freeform pool can also give the impression that the pool is an organic part of your landscape.

Inground swimming pools can be made using gunite, a building material that's composed of cement, sand, and water. Gunite pools can be further enhanced by custom features such as a grotto that can be built on any side of your pool. Grottos can be made of either natural boulders or artificial rock.

Your pool doesn't have to resemble the one at your kid's gym with the traditional-looking tiles. Today's pool design trends use decorative tiles or mosaic tiles to evoke an art deco style, one of the architectural styles represented in the Downtown Hinsdale Historic District, Hindale's first major commercial hub. Experts in pool construction Hinsdale residents prefer can provide you several economical choices of tiles which can also produce the same enhancing effect.

Some people can't help, but be concerned with the harmful effects of chemicals in pools. Ask your contractor for pool construction Hinsdale if he can include an automatic water sanitizer for your pool to help reduce your chlorine use. A common type of water sanitizer is the salt chlorine generator, where you don't need to add chlorine on a weekly basis as it can generate chlorine on its own by breaking down salt molecules into basic elements.

Making use of light will make your pool useful in the evening and dramatically improve its appearance. Ask experts in pool construction Highland Park locals prefer if they can add LED lighting to your pool. For more information, visit

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