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Professional Staging: Increasing Selling Value of Your House

by lenoresoltero

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Studies show that first impressions based on physical features really do count when meeting a person for the first time. Even though your mother taught you never to judge a book by its cover, it’s recommended that you invest in and give priority to good looks. Homes that are up for sale in the market are no different.

When selling a house, you have to set the stage for the purchase—in other words, you need to invest in home staging. Simply put, home staging helps make the house look more beautiful and appealing in and out. At this point, you’re probably thinking about sealing cracks, repainting walls, choosing the right color of curtains, and so on. However, real estate experts point out that home staging isn’t merely about redecorating.

Home staging spruces up the house so that it appears like a showroom for prospective buyers. Of course, this will include fixing any signs of faults or damage, as well as repainting the interior and exterior. You can also choose to rearrange furniture as you clean the house from top to bottom.

Professional staging goes beyond beautifying the house. In some cases, stagers even suggest putting a plate of homemade cookies in the living room to add a homey feel to the property. Keep in mind that they don’t pertain to wax cookies you can find in a home décor store in Toronto, but rather real cookies that are fresh from the oven.

Home stagers say staging can help you rack up at least 6 to 20 percent more value for a house. There have been cases when skilled home stagers helped sell a house for $130,000 more than its original price. With the help of a home staging professional, your house will likely be out of your hands not long after you put it up for sale.

For more information about how home staging can help you get more than your conservative estimate for your house, go to or Stagers Toronto home sellers rely on can also help you in the process. Always keep in mind: first impressions count.

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