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Improve Your Slap Shot With These 3 Hockey Workouts

by liyo89

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Committing to performing regular hockey workouts that will help to enhance your slap shot speed as well as force is one of the top things that you could do if you want to see optimal playing performance.


Some hockey players only take the time to attend their practice sessions on ice, thinking that sport specific training is sufficient to get the job done. But, if you can commit to performing hockey workouts regularly, you can be guaranteed to see far superior progress.


Let’s look at a few of the main exercises that you should be adding to your hockey workouts that will help you boost your slap shot speed and strength.


Single Arm Rows

The first exercise to perform during your hockey workouts to increase your slap shot strength is the single arm row. This movement is going to target the muscle fibers in the back region, making sure that you can pull back hard before driving the stick forward, developing more force in the process.


Single arm rows are great because they’ll allow you to generate superior muscle strength in each side of the body and ensure that the stronger side isn’t compensating for the weaker.


If you shoot left and your right side is stronger, if you perform standard barbell rows that right side may take over the movement pattern, so you won’t strengthen the muscles that really need to be strengthened the most.


Single Arm Chest Press

Second, another important exercise to perform is the single arm chest press. This exercise will be important for driving the puck forward at top speed and making sure that you can move the stick as quickly as possible in the forward direction.


Again, to ensure that one side of the body isn’t stronger than the other, do a single arm chest press.


Kettlebell Swing

Finally, the last exercise to include in your hockey workouts that will help you target the muscles required for a strong slap shot is the kettlebell swing. The kettlebell swing is going to strengthen the entire back region as well as the shoulders, the chest, and biceps as they work as synergists throughout the movement.


The kettlebell swing itself is also a great power boosting movement, so a good option for any hockey player.


Perform it towards the start of the workout since it is so intense overall.

Keeping these three exercises in mind, form your very own hockey workouts. Aim to do them at least twice per week to see optimal results.


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