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Improve Your Full Body Power on the Lacrosse Field With Thes

by liyo89

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If you’re involved in the sport of lacrosse, one thing that you will definitely want to be thinking about is what type of lacrosse workouts you can use that will help you generate full body power capacity. It’s a must that you make sure that you are strong as you go about your games because one thing is for certain – this sport is not for the weak.


One of the most physical intense and demanding activities out there, lacrosse demands athletes to be in top shape.


The best way to generate full body strength is performing compound movements in your lacrosse workout sessions.


Let’s have a look at some of the top movements that you should be considering.


Clean And Jerk

The clean and jerk is a very compound movement as you’ll be doing both a squat as well as a shoulder press all in one swift movement pattern. This is going to help target just about every single muscle in the entire body, so is an incredibly demanding exercise.


As a result, you’ll see great metabolic enhancements, greater hormonal release, and superior muscle strength development. Start your lacrosse workouts off with this exercise to ensure you feel at your most fresh.


Aim to complete five to eight reps total per set, doing two to three sets per workout.



Next, the one muscle group that isn’t quite as directly hit during the clean and jerk is the hamstrings, so you’ll want to add some hamstring dominant exercises into the mix as well. The deadlift is a great exercise to target these muscles with.


When performing it, make sure that you think of pulling up from the glutes at all times, not from the lower back. This will ensure that you get the right type of muscle activation.


Bench Press

Finally, to get a horizontal pushing exercise into your lacrosse workouts , turn to the bench press. This one is great for developing optimal chest strength and for rounding out the workout session.

When doing the bench press, just be sure to keep the back pressed flat into the bench at all times to make sure that you never experience lower back pain.


So there you have the three main movements to add to your lacrosse workouts. Do these and you will see significant strength gains shortly. Make sure to take a day off between exercises as well so that you can make a complete recovery before going back into the gym.


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