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Roofing Systems Suitable for British Columbia Climate

by brendangertner

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Asphalt shingles are increasingly popular roofing materials in North America due to their sturdy built and beauty. Made from fiberglass core covered with asphalt and ceramic granules, asphalt shingles are made to withstand impact from hail and fallen branches. These also effectively keep out water from heavy rain and snow melts.

Such characteristics make asphalt shingles ideal roofing materials for buildings in British Columbia. Located at the Pacific Coast of Canada, the province of British Columbia has a very mild climate. The Greater Vancouver Regional District in particular, located at the southwestern corner of the province, is a lot less windy than the rest of Canada due to the Rocky Mountains that block the arctic winds. However, the area does experience a different wind current, specifically the Japan Current, which blows in from the Pacific Ocean.

The Greater Vancouver Regional District has a relatively mild oceanic climate with a very cool temperature and heavy snowfall in winter. This requires sturdy asphalt shingles to carry the weight of the heavy blanket of snow in winter. BC roofers also build roofs that have highly efficient underlay, ventilation, and drainage to make the roof last longer.

The oceanic climate in the British Columbia is distinctive for its dry summers. This makes the area susceptible to forest fires; man-made fires spread quickly because of the heat and dryness of the environment. The BC roof made with asphalt shingles are resistant to fires, which can help give ample protection to residents and their property.

The BC roofing systems are also as beautiful as they are strong—reflecting the grandness of the area, particularly the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Asphalt shingles are designed to look like slate or clay tiles but are less expensive and stronger. These also come in many different colors with reduces the need for painting.

The contractors for roofing BC residents rely on also offer their clients different styles of asphalt shingles which can be assembled in a variety of patterns. These can give the roof either a quaint or modern look. Some also make the roof look like painted wooden shingles. For more information on roofing, visit

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