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The Perspective of Mobile Application Development

by anonymous

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Mobiles phones these days have become more than just a source of communication. The number features that are being injected into mobile phones are increasing day by day. This has led to the development of many mobile apps. Mobile App Development is the process of software that supports an application in low power handheld devices. Low power handheld devices include mobile phones (smart phones), palmtops and various other business and personal digital devices. Most of the software are pre-installed in the mobile phones during their manufacture or can be installed into the device from mobile software distribution platforms.Custom mobile apps boost the performance and functions of the smartphone. Some of the mobile apps are used in Social networking, GPS, deals aggregator, group deal sites, game applications, maps, shopping cart and payment gateway.

Various types of mobile app development software are available. Some of them are developed by the mobile manufacturing companies. After the development of these operating systems, they are tested and tried. This is generally done using emulators. Emulators mimic the device environment and enable us to test effectively, the efficiency of the OS.

There are many business companies in the development of mobile applications. But is developing a mobile application really worth it? The reason why developing mobile apps has become so extensive is it might be due to the reason that the purchase of mobiles is increasing day by day and the use of various mobile application is increasing too. Also, there are many public and private sector companies providing various mobile applications to attract consumers and increase the popularity of their company. Many purposes like booking movie tickets, railway tickets, flight tickets, online shopping, camera applications, photo editing applications, text messaging and the list goes on, are filled with the help of mobile applications. Since, they are everywhere, naturally it tends to create a huge market space and more companies tend to venture into this business.

While, many mobile applications have become a tremendous hit all over the world and have made millions of downloads, there are many other applications which took a downside too. Investing in development of a mobile application is not secure until unless it is prone to become a huge hit among the existing ones. It involves a lot of money as one has to first invest in developing a mobile application, then revise it, then deploy it into the market, again revise it if it has any bugs, and deploy it again and market it. Also, depending on various platforms the cost of developing a mobile application varies. But whatever it is, one has to make sure that there would be a revenue of income from the development of a mobile application, whether free or paid, otherwise it would be a waste of time, money, resources and skill.

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