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Setting Up A House Cleaning Service Company

by troclean1

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The need to carve out one’s own niche in today’s difficult economic climate makes the selection of a house cleaning service very appealing to a first time entrepreneur. This type of maids service industry selection is one that has lots of flexibility in terms of tailored specialties and offers a wide open market that is always in need of well-trained and efficient house cleaning service providers. The key element is to make one’s service uniquely qualified and superior in delivery of top flight performance with reasonably priced maintenance repertoire. One must have a business start-up plan that is realistic about being what the ideal client wants and can afford to include as a compliment to the maintenance and beauty of a lovely home.

The next step in planning is to do a comprehensive fact-finding search to obtain all that is available about launching a successful cleaning venture with details on every aspect of the resources needed to make a strong and viable business entity. The reasonable approach for those with modest start-up capital would be to look at a diversity of funding sources. One should make a list of these potential funders and lenders to determine which are the most realistic and obtainable. The list should include: banks, finance companies, angel investors, financial partners, family and friends that may also have the capital and work equity to contribute that will make this cleaning business become a lucrative concern. One must be an excellent advocate and seller of their own venture in order to convince others to invest, loan money or devote talents and skill to make the service a success. Demonstrating the knowledge, abilities, experience and the possession of a feasibility study that indicates the fulfillment of a community need by one’s business is essential to obtaining the necessary capital to sustain first year start-up.

The third step after financing is obtained is to be ready to become fully operational with location, personnel, housekeeping services equipment, insurance, licensing, certification, bonding, and most importantly, a client list with enough prospects to make the launching year strong and profitable. One must demonstrate to the initial clients that the service is as good as the selling process that obtained their business. One must be prompt, energetic, accurate, very detailed in performance of the work duties and willing to be flexible in adjustments as they occur. The unique ability to compliment the housekeeping services business and make it stand out is what keeps current customers and creates a growing client list for the future. The selling of one’s reputation by performance is the lifeline of any new business.

Finally, the most important last step is to make sure that the administrative, managerial and financial needs of the maids service business are well maintained. A happy and satisfied maids staff is the underpinning of a well-managed and successful business in the community. A start-up with a minimal staff that performs multiple duties can be highly successful with precise planning, efficient coordination and a strong business plan that is followed and adjusted in a timely manner. The basic requirement is to plan well, provide the necessary resources in time, money, business knowledge and ability, and great execution of housekeeping services delivery in the community. The reputation that prospective clients, employees, investors, funders, colleagues and competitors as well as the community are the life blood of a successful small business venture in house cleaning service. For more visit

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