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Cinnamon And Honey Diet For Weight Loss – Myth or Reality?

by Jesussigler

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There are a lot of fancy diets that you can see on the web or read of in mass media. Most of them are of no use at all. If you are looking for the Quickest Way To Lose Weight,Cinnamon And Honey Diet might be not as effective, as one may expect.

The hot water, cinnamon, and honey diet is based on a few misconceptions. First of all, the water temperature matters. While certain people consider warm water calming and while warm water may sometimes help promote the alimentary tract in a person with an upset stomach, there’s no evidence that hot water stimulates weight loss. In reality, you will oppositely burn some calories, while warming up the cold water.

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The second misconception is that honey is considered “healthier,” than usual sugar. The reality is such that honey isn’t any healthier, than table sugar. It has a lower GI index though, which means the bloodstream absorbs it slowly. This is due to its composition. However, it consists of sugar and can easily provoke excess fat accumulation.

A 2007 research showed that large amounts of cinnamon help normalizing glucose level in the blood, preventing weight gain. However, there is no sign that cinnamon stimulates weight loss.

In the end, there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of cinnamon and honey diet as the Quickest Way To Lose Weight. Of course, combining such diet with physical exercise and control over what you eat will provide the needed result. It is also necessary to get a consultation from your doctor on this matter.

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