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What should you do if you have emptied the Recycle

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As a part of maintaining your computer, Windows provides many in-built utilities to maintain and safeguard your system from various problems. One such tool is the Disk Cleanup tool that removes various types of irrelevant files such as Internet cookies, compressed files, offline web pages, Recycle Bin, etc. However, at times it may happen that you delete the contents of the Recycle Bin and later realize that it had some important files. In such cases, an efficient file recovery software can offer you complete file recovery.

However, sometimes you empty the Recycle Bin using this tool and later realize that it had some important files. Now, Windows does not provide any in-built utility to recover such files. However, these files can be recovered using a third-party file recovery software. .

Taking a Disk Cleanup related scenario in which you regularly use this tool to clean up unessential files from your system. While doing so, you also emptied the Recycle Bin, which had some important files that you deleted by mistake. Now, you are cursing yourself for being so unthoughtful especially because this is not the first time that you were using this tool. But do not worry as this file can well be recovered provided some precautions were taken. .

When a file is deleted, it is not exactly removed permanently from the hard disk. It is just that its pointer from the file database is removed that shows where the file is actually stored in the system. And when it is deleted, the operating system is informed that the space, which was taken by the deleted file, is available for new files. .

So, this file can be recovered provided you have not created a new file or moved the position of an existing file as it may take the same storage space. This would invariably mean that you do not have any chance of recovering that file. So, you should try not to create a new file when such mishap takes place. .

As far as file recovery is concerned, the best solution is to use a third-party file recovery software. Such tools recover lost files without damaging the original contents of the storage media. .

The best third-party data recovery solution that you should use to get all the lost files back is Stellar Phoenix File Recovery Plus that has the ability to recover more than 200 files. Supporting various Windows operating system such as Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000, this file recovery tool supports email recovery for MS Outlook and Outlook Express. In addition, this file recovery software retrieves files from various storage media including pen cards, hard drives, iPods, etc.

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